NCTE Webinar on Writing Assessment, Equity, Ethics, and Social Justice Featuring JWA Editors Diane Kelly-Riley and Carl Whithaus

Journal of Writing Assessment editors, Diane Kelly-Riley and Carl Whithaus, will be participating in NCTE’s Webinar, “No Test is Neutral: Writing Assessments, Equity, Ethics, and Social Justice” on Monday, November 2, 2015 at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern.

Here is NCTE’s description of the event:  Join us next Monday November 2 at 9 PM ET for ‪#‎NCTEonAir‬. Samuel Messick, one of the leading assessment researchers of the 20th Century, once argued that implementing an assessment program without first assessing its effects on students, teachers, and systems of education is like releasing an untested new drug on the market.

This final event of Connected Educator Month explores what a theory of ethics might mean for our field, and what implications it might have for the design and implementation of both large-scale and classroom writing assessments.
The one-hour web seminar will feature Diane Kelly-Riley and Carl Whithaus, editors of the Journal of Writing Assessment, posing questions on the ethics of writing assessment to a panel of experts—Bob Broad, Ellen Cushman, Norbert Elliot, Mya Poe, and David Slomp.

• What are the key issues teachers, students, and stakeholders need to know about problems with current large-scale writing assessment models?

• What key ideas and practices should guide the field of writing assessment? How could explicitly addressing ethical issues (such as fairness) shift major assumptions within the field of writing assessment? How might those considerations affect the daily lives of teachers?

• How might a consideration of ethics change how we design classroom and/or large scale writing assessments?

• How would consideration of ethics enable us to better attend to the needs of the diversity of students in our classrooms?

• How might a theory of ethics enable us to better advocate for and inform changes in the design of large-scale writing assessments?

Across all of these discussions, panelists will focus on the implications for classroom teachers. 

You are invited to tweet your questions to #whatwehonor. Our panel moderators will select some of these questions to pose to our panelists.  

To join in the conversation, please go to NCTE’s free Google Air event link: .

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