Link to NCTE’s webinar: "No Test is Neutral: Writing Assessments, Equity, Ethics, and Social Justice"

If you missed NCTE’s webinar, “No Test is Neutral:  Writing Assessments, Equity, Ethics, and Social Justice,” on November 2, 2015, you can watch the video linked to NCTE’s page above.  We greatly appreciate NCTE’s generosity to host this important conversation. Supplemental information from the webinar can be accessed by clicking on the “be part of the conversation” banner.

We were pleased to share the news that Journal of Writing Assessment will publish two special issues within the next six months.  On November 16, 2015, we will post the special issue on the Common Core State Standards Assessments, and in mid-March 2016, we will publish a special issue on a theory of ethics for writing assessment.

Stay tuned!
Source: jwa